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After completing your profile, you'll be be able to meet other users on our platforms.
You'll be able to pick who you want to hangout with and in your friend groups. You'll be notified once you get matched into a friend. Each group consists of 5 people nearby whom you've swiped right on.
You can have up to 10 friend groups at a time.


Your friend group will be made of 5 people that you will get to meet in real life

Each friend group has a start and end date: everyone in the cohort starts and completes the cohort at the same time.
Each cohort will last for 3 months and afterwards you can continue to swipe for new friends.

During the 3 months, you'll be able to chat with the entire group, host events, share posts, and meet people with similar interests.

See your cohort's events and make group posts.

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