Meet New People

Swipe and match into friend groups. Have adventures with new friends.

A new social experience

After signing up, you'll swipe and pick other nearby users that you want in your friend group. Each friend group has 5 people nearby, and you can have up to 10 friend groups.

You'll be able to chat, share posts, and attend events with your friend groups. Want to get know your new friends better? Host a party or propose an activity to meet in real life.

​We use sophisticated algorithms to build compatible, diverse, and fun groups, and we hope you will find your closest friends.​

Your social group

We know you're unique and we use your profile to build a social group where you'll fit the best. We machine learning and data science techniques to build cohorts that are compatible, diverse, and fun. We're confident you'll build meaningful and deep friendships with people in the group. 

Chat, Post, and Events

We've made it easy to chat with your cohort and share posts. You'll be able to host and attend events, and see who's coming. You can share what you want in your public profile that only your cohort sees.

Real life connections

While chatting on the app is nice, the goal is to make real life connections. The 5 people in each friend group are all from the same local area, and we'll help out with the logistics to coordinate events and trips.

3 month timeline

Each friend group lasts for 3 months. Why 3 months? We think it's enough time to make meaningful friendships that will last past the end of the group.

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GroupMeet was previously known as Cohort, but has now been rebranded. For users who still see the iOS or Android app as "Cohort", please update to the latest version on the AppStore or the Google Play Store.

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